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Conferences organised by the Belgian Musicological Society (since 2008)


2008 : International Conference François-Joseph Fétis (Collaboration ULB, KBR)

2009 : Internaional Conference François-Auguste Gevaert (Collaboration ULB, KBR)

2010 : The Musical Patrimony of Brussels (Collaboration ULB, IMS, KBR)

2010 : Colloque Francophone Music Criticism (Collaboration FMC, ULB)

2013 : Musical Life during the Second World War in Belgium (Collaboration ULB, KBR)

2014 : 2014: Adolphe Sax, His Influence and Legacy. A Bicentenary Conference (Collaboration MIM)

2015: "Le plus que divin Orlande" (Collaboration Mons 2015 et Académie royale de Belgique)


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